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Todd Twining is the creative force behind TODCAN. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the TODCAN business philosophy is stated as,

“We should be easy to do business with, and be ready to exceed our customer’s expectations at every opportunity. Our reputation will become the engine that powers our success.”

website design by TODThis page is important to me because it represents the 1 on 1 attention you and your project will receive. Too many “others” in this industry promote their company with toll-free phone numbers and web addresses, that never make it clear just WHO you are doing business with. It is all too common for these faceless companies to have phones answered by salespeople who are hired to “get the sale”.  They commonly send design work out to freelancers who come and go, and neither the salesperson nor the freelancer has any incentive to concern themselves with your continued satisfaction. I always look forward to talking to people about their projects and ideas, and I never charge for a consultation. I often answer questions from people who want to know if their concepts are “Do-able” and of course the most common question, “How much would it cost to…?”.  If it’s Web Design, Mobile, Hosting, SEO, or whatever your need, I am happy to completely answer your questions. Just give me a call!

Meet TOD, and see if you agree with these clients reviews.

What attracted me to Twining Original Design (TOD)? Frankly, the fact that he too has a retro themed website. I found myself once again searching the many Craigslist ads seeking to find someone who could “fix” a WordPress site that I had built but wasn’t exactly right for my needs when the person who originally built the site neglected to get back to me to make the changes needed. I ran across TOD’s ad and was hooked the minute I saw the retro theme……. finally someone who gets me!! Whoot whoot! For you see my site(s) are all retro themed and when I say retro no one normally gets it. I explained my situation to TOD – I have an old site that I built myself however I can no longer get into it and make changes to that site so i had a few broken links and a contact form that was not working and all in all I risked losing my organic top 3 standing for Google and other search engines locally which would kill my business. I also have a new site that is not yet search engine optimized and it needs a few tweaks to make it more “mine” TOD listened, made some suggestions and then quickly went about making corrections to both sites so that I can buy time to get the newer one optimized properly before converting over and dumping the old site. I have to say that it takes a lot to impress me so thoroughly that I will take the time to sit down and write a yelp review, but so far I am that impressed. I hope to have a long standing relationship with TOD for all of my website needs. 5-stars-sm

Theresa Quality Cleaning Maid to Order

I have published internet magazines for over 15 years. During that time I’ve dealt with upwards of a dozen “webmasters”/internet advisers. All of them had technical knowledge I lacked, so I was dependent on them. Unfortunately, most of these people were flakes. My experience with Todd Twining has been different. Though he didn’t build the original http://www.tastecaliforn… site, he has been extremely helpful in doing critical modifications to it. Todd seems very knowledgeable, but he explains issues to me in plain English. When he says he will have something done by a certain time/date, he produces. This professionalism is refreshing. We’ve just been working together for about six months, but I hope we’ll have a long relationship as he helps me to develop other sites for my business in the years to come. 5-stars-sm

Dan Clarke

If you want a professional website that clients (and yourself) can use easily, I recommend TOD. I have had clients choose to work with me because they liked my website (thank you TOD!) TOD doesn’t just make you a website and then disappear…I actually have a live person that responds quickly to questions and also educates you on your website as you need it. 5-stars-sm

Heather K

Definitely hire Todd! I was so lucky to find him off Craigslist, kind of by accident. I have worked with 3 other web designers, two off of Elance. They were fine. But Todd is head and shoulder above the rest. He is smart, fast, always has good ideas, and gets the job done well. 5-stars-sm

Renee T

TOD does excellent work, very prompt response times, and does not nickle and dime his clients for minor edits. He also does a great job on using his own creativity to take someones initial ideas and make them better. 5-stars-sm

Wade H

I have used several different web designers over the years. All have has their ups and downs. I found TOD by accident and it’s been a very nice find. TOD truly acts as a project manager for us. They have a great sense of what works and what doesn’t. I’ve also been impressed with timely response and getting things done. I will use TOD again and again. 5-stars-sm

Sam K

Stumbled onto Tod, through an ad. Most fortunate day for myself and my clients. Tod does amazing work and he is incredibly fast. When we asked for a change it was often done before we got off the phone. NO KIDDING it happened three times. He provides HIGH quality work at a very fair price. I can not recommend him highly enough. Best investment we made in web services. 5-stars-sm

George C

TOD is fast and clever. Brought our project in on budget and is always there to make changes when we need them done. I’m really glad his now part of our extended family of digital artists. 5-stars-sm

Kris K

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