Creating Great Websites - Making Satisfied Customers

Designing websites is far more than pretty pictures and trendy colors. There is a method to creating websites that involves a knowledge from years of development experience.

We look forward to putting our knowledge and experience to work for you.

We are proud of the relationships we have built over the years.

Not only do these companies have great reputations, but they all have awesome technology, highly skilled employees, exciting innovations, and effective online marketing tools.

Website goals!

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Custom Coded Sites and more… By delivering a detailed project scope and estimate, we can recommend the correct platform for you, your market segment, and your budget.

Mobile Design

TOD can develop a Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Design optimized for all devices including all tablets, iPads, Android phones and iPhones. Pull out your smart phone and navigate to our site with your mobile browser. When you view the mobile version, you will see a layout that is specifically suited for your device. It will look somewhat different than the view on your full computer screen. What you are seeing is referred to as “Mobile responsive design”, and it takes into account the different layout requirements for phones and tablets as well as the desktop and laptop computer layouts.

How Mobile is Changing Your Business

Planning a website or any other marketing exercise without considering how people will interact with it via their mobile devices is no longer acceptable. Mobile phone usage and internet traffic are growing at a staggering rate, causing powerful changes in consumer behavior and in the way people socialize and work together. You’ve likely used your phone to search for local businesses, share photos, updates and web sites with friends, and of course use countless mobile apps. The shift to mobile devices has important implications for how businesses should be allocating their marketing budget. Most company websites are not easy to use on mobile devices, meaning they are increasingly irrelevant to the average consumer. If you want to attract new customers, build rapport with existing clients or offer new services or other value online, then a mobile app is on the must-do list.
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