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Twining Original Design’s SEO Guarantee –
seo Twining Original Design (TOD) does guarantee that our clients will be happy with our SEO results. TOD will guarantee that if they implement our SEO recommendations, search traffic will rise, and we do guarantee that our work won’t put them at risk of penalties from the search engines. – More than just Web design!
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But what about all those guarantees from SEO companies who claim to put you on page #1 of Google? – Read on to see the dirty little secrets used by some to sell SEO.

SEO Ranking Guarantees Have an Abominable History

Top organizations that promise SEO consulting and development seldom ever guarantee results and almost never use promises as a marketing tactic. From the back in the Nineties through to today, SEO scams have used promises such as a guaranteed rank or a guaranteed amount of traffic as a lure to pull in prospective clients who underestimate the complexity of reaching truely high value SEO goals.

In the case where an SEO company tries to guarantee rankings it should be noted that typically the fine print will reveal that any guarantee is dependent upon the agency providing the service selecting the key-phrases. These key-phrases my be of little or no value to you.

The Search Engines Warning

From Google: No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.  Beware of any companies that claim to guarantee an exact rank, or worst of all indicate some special relationship with Google, or that they have a former employee of Google who understands all of Googles algorithms.

The metric should always be traffic – increasing search traffic means the SEO is doing their job. Making the rankings of a few top phrases the priority above and beyond the overall search traffic means that goals are out of whack. Don’t forget that 70% of search volume is in the tail of the demand curve – and there’s usually a lot more low hanging fruit to be found therein.

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