Cyber Business Strategies

Core Strategies


Fundamentals of Growth

In all business, growth is an paramount. It may surprise you that only 1 in 10 companies succeed in obtaining the sustainable & profitable growth they desire. Todd Twining has a diverse and broad expertise and Growth strategies that endure the test of time. Todd can help companies reach their core business potential and bring strength via proven recursive formulas.

Performance Improvement

Todd is the top consulting resource for companies that are dedicated to a partnership that will maximize and sustain their full potential. Our clients realize better than industry average, results yielding compounding returns on consulting fees. This makes Todd and his team at TOD an investment perfect for startups

Operations – Balancing Quality & Cost

Balancing Quality, Cost and Operations using models that are custom made to our client’s needs is what we do best. Improved service, quality & higher customer loyalty, not to mention a better “bottom-line” are just some of the benefits our clients reap. We combine an analytical approach with goal driven creative capabilities to positively impact both the top and bottom line.

Information Technology

Technology should propel a business strategy like a rocket engine, not constrain it! TOD understands the technology capabilities needed to support a client’s long-term goals and can generate the road map to get to that goal. We help companies confidently address tech decisions & make 100% certain their IT organizations & operations are optimized and effective.

Business Unit Strategy

Startups need strategy! and our Business unit strategies involve generating proprietary plans for when to play, where to play, and most importantly, how to win big! Plain and simple, We drive businesses to their full economic potential.

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets usually bring thoughts of geographic locations such as China and Malaysia, but in the 21st century, emerging markets are often virtual. At TOD Cyber markets are the place we live, work, eat, and sleep! We can help you go down the right road at the right time or just as well help you to understand where some of the dead end roads lie.

You see, while many have experience in limited markets, we can rely on our direct experience of delivering literally hundreds of projects and their technology to the marketplace. Have we “Been There and Done That”? Quite simply, Yes!


Pure Pride Inc (1996-2003)

VP operations – Brought Certified Organic food feed ingredient whole grain distributor Pure Pride Inc from a new company start-up with 3 employees, to $1M annual sales and 21 employees in 3 years. Market channels included wholesale food and feed commodities to purchasers in domestic markets as well as international markets primarily in Japan, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom.

Nordic Track – CML Inc (1992-1996)

VP New Product Marketing Development –¬†Working under CEO Jim Bostic, the 55-year-old executive who led NordicTrack Inc. from sales of $20 million in 1987 to $455 million in 1994. Area of focus was to bring growth to the NordicTrack new products, such as the Walkfit treadmill and NordicFlex Gold body building machines. Additionally, NordicTrack had also developed a line of carbon composite “High Tech” machines called Nordic Track Sport.
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