Why Local – and why not!

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local web designerMore than Website Design – Why local? Does the web designer you hire have to be local talent? Absolutely not! The most important things in hiring a web designer is to find someone that’s good at their job, clicks with your personality and is good for your web site. Website designers deal with many potential clients throughout their work week. A responsible, experienced designer cares more about the client’s web site and their business than they do about getting the job. It’s important that the working relationship be a good fit for both parties. Our wish is that the most qualified designer having the best match with the client gets the job, period. Word of mouth advertising is our best asset or can be our worst enemy. If the working relationship is not a good fit.

You’ll most likely find any number of web designers within the geographical boundaries you set. Ahhh, but are all these local designers good at what they do simply because they’re local? Every web designer is local to someone and every location has local web designers. This is why you must ask yourself, why is hiring a local designer on your priority list? Be honest with yourself! After all, this is for you and your business and it’s of the utmost importance! Who looks out for your business better than you do? Don’t get me wrong … it’s a wonderful thing to support your local area retailers and service providers! People with good business sense realize that like it or not, sometimes you have to have a more open mind. Also, can your local provide full service options such as competent Web Hosting and SEO services too? What about mobile solutions?

Most often I find at the end of the day, that people looking for a “Local Web designer” are really looking for a Web designer who will be responsive to their needs, provide superior service well after the sale, and be there for customer’s support, ongoing needs and even training. A Good Web designer, or any decent business, does this for its clients no matter where they are. Sadly I’ve seen local clients “blown Off” by their local web designers too. This should not happen anywhere!

You want to sell your products or services to anyone, anywhere, right? Well, the “World Wide Web” is in fact “World Wide”, and your Website will be too. If there was ever a non-local endevour, a website is it. At the end of the day you have decided to hire a professional for a reason. That reason is centered in the that you want the best for your business. Both small and large companies are realizing more every day that they can hire very talented people who can effectively work remotely and achieve excellent results!


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