Hiring a Web Developer: The Job Description

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More than Website DesignerMore than Website Design – The first item under the job title should be a summary overview the position. A list of job duties and responsibilities should follow. Though the nuts and bolts of the job responsibilities can vary, overall front-end site management is generally included, as are the abilities to optimize graphics and webpages, and do cross-browser optimization.

Hand-coding HTML should be among any developer’s skill set, as should using CSS. Depending on your company’s needs, other skills could include managing SEO, JavaScript, XML, CGI scripting and familiarity with server-side includes. Even if they’re not necessary for the job at hand, it could benefit you to look for people who are familiar with more recent advancements in web technologies, such as CSS3 and HTML5.

If you’re hiring someone to do the web work, you’re not only hiring someone to get the content up, but hiring someone so that they’re find-able when someone Googles them – someone who’s going to know how to use keyword search. They need to be marketing-savvy and know what terms someone might use to look.

Despite the host of technical skills they’ll need to possess, a developer should no longer be thought of as a solitary worker. They’ll need top-notch communication skills, and the ability to work well as a team with programmers, designers and marketing specialists. If you’re hiring a senior developer, you’ll also want to make sure your new hire possesses leadership skills and that you could foresee them leading a growing team of developers.

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