It’s not a secret. A secure website is vital for protecting the website that represents your business. You also need to protect against hackers trying to take over your site to use for their own personal gain. Sometimes hackers show no signs of “dammage” to the look or useability of your site, but will use your site to carry out malicious operations without you even knowing it.
Your Password Matters
It is worth understanding the importance of secure passwords. Believe it or not, hackers do have a way of guessing your password, so if your password is complex, it will be much harder to guess. Make sure your password is strong. The best part about this is that it’s so easy to make a change. Reset all of your passwords to something secure as soon as possible.


The popularity of WordPress, does pose its own security issue. Hackers want to get past security and they will usually work on an avenue that will get them the most results for thier effort. Just like viruses are most common for PCs beacuse most users are on PCs. The volume of users and installs make WordPress a larger target of hackers. WordPress will address threats in a timely manner, but it may be a better option to have a website that is the object of less attacks. WordPress is also a platform that typically ends up with a lot of third party plugins and extensions. These are all avenues hackers can use to exploit your WordPress site. My rule of thumb is, unless there is some reason to be on the Hackers “Radar” with WordPress, don’t. As a professional web developer, I prefer to use another CMS unless the client requires WordPress or the budget restricts us.

CMS systems

Both Joomla and Drupal are CMS systems that have functionality beyond WordPress.They were developed as a content management system not as just a blogging platform. Drupal is geared more toward a professional developer rather than the general consumer looking for blog functionality. Drupal takes security extremely seriously, and release patches and upgrades when security issues come to light.

Drupal will likley require a knowledgeable programmer to develop the site and overall configuration, including login credentials and security permissions. The great benefit here is that a good developer can taylor a Drupal site to be more user friendly for the client that even WordPress. The reason is that the developer has a greater level of control over the way the site interacts with its users and even the client admins. This control can extend to security.

Drupal installations will often have extesion Modules similar to WordPress, but the difference is that the standards for Drupal modules requires developers to have strict compliance standards for their programming.

Tired of getting hacked or getting warnings from WordPress that hacking attempts are being detected on your site? Drupal my be right for you.
We can even migrate your WordPress site to another CMS such as Drupal.

WordPress and security


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