If you want to hold onto your readers, you need to whip up amazing content loaded with tons of helpful info. But listen up, that’s not the only thing that’ll keep ’em locked in. To boost reader engagement, you’ve to think about how your content is presented and structured. 

  1. Make your content easy on the eyes
  2. Match up info with a pic
  3. Background color blocking

Make your content easy on the eyes

Sending out a big scary chunk of text without breaks, lists, pics, or other cool stuff will drive your audience away. Research found that about 80% of people only skim web pages, while a mere 16% read everything. The bottom line is if you don’t make your content easy on the eyes with the help of TOD, people won’t chill on your site.

Match up info with a pic

If you match up info with a pic, folks will stick about 55% more of it in their brains compared to just plain text. Our brains are all about visuals, so when you’re cooking up your content with the help of the Best Web Design Redding CA. But a heads-up: using too many stock pics is a bit of a drag. They’re pretty generic and don’t bring much to the table besides breaking up the text.

Background color blocking

Pics and videos are killer, but creating high-quality ones can be a real expense. But hey, brands without that kind of cash have a sly option like background color blocking. Ask Web Design Redding to implement this web design trick on your website.

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Why Your Website Is Not Engaging Its Audience?


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