Website redesigning can be quite an overwhelming process. However, if you get the right people to work with, you might just have the right website to help grow your business. In this blog, we shall highlight a four-step process for an ideal website redesign that Redding Web Designers usually take your website through. 

In the first step, they try to find your website objective, which ensures to define your initiatives, targets, and measures for your goal. It also defines the metrics that you want to have in place for your website. This will help clear your thought process about what you want to achieve with the website, for starters. And then make it easy for you to have profits. 

In the second step, website designers take your website through a website effectiveness audit. This checks how well your current strategy and website are doing. For instance, SWOT analysis, which is a major part of a website effectiveness audit, will help you understand the overall function of your website. 

The third step here is to identify the gap. Once you are done, you need to create a checklist of the infrastructure including people, processes, technology, and much more. For instance, the UX of your website needs to be better understood through specific elements of the web page, like a misplaced CTA button. 

Now, the last step of the process of Website Design Redding ca is to prepare a road map. Identify steps and technologies that you will ever need to close all the gaps. Do an A/B test for elements to be used in the website. For more information, you need to get in touch with our experts today.

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Website Redesign: A 4-Step Process 


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