Explaining Responsive Design

This is a great video, courtesy of the Google Developer network. This Video begins by explaining why responsive design is important and better yet, what you can expect from a responsive design.

Cheap Hosting & what you get for your money

I have always thought it is dang near impossible to choose web hosting for an amateur. There are packages and platforms and options and of course pricing from next to nothing on up to hundreds of dollars per year.

Clear your Cache

Sometimes I have clients ask, "Why cant I see the latest version of my webpages?" I usually suggest they clear their browser cache and refresh.

Getting Paid

E-commerce answers

Paypal has long been the "simple" answer

Signs your designer is an Amateur - #1 Everything must line up

I see clients who need a new website because of many reasons. Often they have fallen for the "you can build your own website in 5 minutes with...." then they act surprised when they hit roadblocks or end up with a site that looks like Frankenstein's Monster! Case two is the old website...