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Creating Great Websites - Making Satisfied Customers

(TOD) - We are not designing websites just based on pretty pictures and bright colors. There is a science to website design that involves a skill-set that the average client often doesn't even know about. Your site could provide customer support, sell a product or service, capture visitor information, manage memberships. Documents, files, and so much more.

Your website is the face of your business!

You’ve spent hard earned money on equipment, office space, employees. Don't launch a website design that squanders the precious 4 seconds you have to make a first impression.

Website Design Goals

  • Are visitors comforted by intuitive navigation?
  • Is the website design interactive and interesting enough to hold a visitors attention?
  • Is the content rich enough to add value to your brand?
  • Is the layout responsive enough to be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones?
  • Is your site structured in a framework that performs well when indexed by search engines and social media so you get found?

Getting Started!

When finding someone to perform website design, don't try to use terms that you are not 100% certain of. I see client ads all the time that ask for: "...someone to design my website and handle all the SEO." , or "...must show qualifications on paper.". Sometimes I see, "...I already have hosting and my domain I just need someone who can publish my site.", or "I need an e-commerce store, so you must know Java Script.". OK,  most clients aren't experts in SEO, Hosting servers, Java, or developer qualifications, because if they were, they would do their own website design. These terms, and specifications, can get in your way when talking to a web developer. Think in terms of what you want your site to do.

 What else does TOD offer?

web hosting redding caHosting - More than just Web design - There are ads on TV that tell you all sorts of things. But they don't mention basic things your web developer will need to consider regarding hosting your website. What operating system will the server use? How reliable are the servers? And the mail servers? Is their package a good value? A good web developer in addition to being an expert in website design, has real experience running on different hosts and server environments and KNOWS where to go of the best hosting based on the needs of the website they're building for you. I have even seen clients purchase hosting contracts that are unable to run applications used in their website.  The Developer can be left in a situation where additional time and money is billed trying a workaround or making changes to the hosting environment. - See our Hosting Packages

E-commerce - This used to be a big deal. websites designed with Web stores were all custom built. Now very few are. Why? E-commerce solutions are offered by web hosts and other vendors, within do-it-yourself website design frameworks, CMS platforms like Wordpress, and Joomla, and more technically involved platforms like ZenCart. Of course, you can skip website design and sell on sites such as Amazon and Etsy. Fact is, many people these days want to sell stuff on the internet. But what’s the best way to go? Have a detailed discussion with your prospective web designer and find out what their solution is to your need. Are you selling 3 things? 1000 things? a service? a downloadable product like music? Are you local or Worldwide? How will you get paid? How will you deliver? Will your site be secure?


Get Your Business Found by Searchers on Google Yahoo and Bing. Local area targeted Services are available for Local Business too.


Search Engine Optimization & Search
Engine Marketing Services

FutureofMed-Cancer1Website design is a science. Who is qualified and who is not is the evaluation you will have to make. Make it with information!  After having discussions based on your needs, who communicated the best, most competent answers? Who had experience and could show example websites? Do they provide some sandbox  examples of web elements so you may better evaluate the look and the feel?  You bet we do!

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Know the goals of your website:

  • You want people to hear your message.
  • You want people to understand what you offer.
  • You want to drive business to your physical location.
  • You want people to contact you.
  • You need to provide customer support.
  • You want people to purchase your product or service online.
  • You want to capture visitor information for future marketing.
  • You want to get the most traffic to promote online Ad sales.
  • You are an organization that needs an online presence.
  • You want people be able to see and use your site on mobile devices.

More Than Just web design

  • Even If you don't need a whole new website, we are happy to help. In addition to website design, we can offer website maintenance, graphic design, Ebay HTML templates and other custom work.
  • Do you need Service after the sale? Of course you do! We provide you with training so you can operate your new website (to the extent you want to).
  • We don't limit your revisions. Many web design company’s and freelancers limit the revisions you can make to their design. We would never leave you dissatisfied. Don't like something? We'll change it! It's that simple.
  • Logos are usually included as part of designing your website. I have seen others charge separately for this. We never have hidden fees or surprise charges.
  • We have experience in many industries and a strong background in sales and marketing. We are happy to use this knowledge to help you reach your goals.
  • Need answers about using the web to meet your business goals. We can consult while you design and build your own website.
  • Need a domain name? Contact us and we can register it for you in minutes.
  • Need Hosting that is reliable and easy to manage. Order here, and you can sign up and be running in minutes with our world class hosting.
  • Just want a pro web designer opinion for free? We are happy to discuss your goals. call us any time.
  • Never talk to a salesperson! We don't have em! You work one on one with TOD! We insist on your satisfaction.
  • On a tight budget? Who isn’t? We know a lot of options and will always give you ways to get things done with the budget you have.
  • We never buy templates and pre-built solutions unless strictly required by the client (even then we don't like it). Why? Because CREATING solutions is what we know how to do. Web design is not buying bits & pieces and pasting them together.
  • Want to master managing  Facebook, twitter or other social media. It's an area that is full of old wives tales and mythology. We can help you sort it.
  • We have experience in broadcast quality HD Video production. We can help you develop and deploy video content in any media stream.

Most recent artcle

  • Archive your emails - Free up space on your hosting account

    If you have a full or almost full mailbox, or are using up too much of your hosting space storing old emails, here is a way to get those old emails off of the web hosting server and onto you local machine where they can be stored safely for as long as you like.
    This is pretty easy, as you are just making a local folder that your mail program will access, and then just dragging all of the old emails into that folder. This process varies depending on the "fetcher" or program you use to access your email.
    Below are instructions for Outlook, Mac Mail, and Thunderbird. We highly recommend Thunderbird as a mail fetcher as it works on all operating systems and is free and open source by Mozilla, the folks that bring you Firefox.


    Creating a Local Folder

    1. Open Microsoft Outlook to access your email account.
    2. Select Home >>> New Items >>> More Items >>> Outlook Data File.
    3. Select Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst) and select OK.
    4. Type in a name for your Local Folder and hit OK.

    Type in a descriptive name for your Local Folder. This is the name that will appear in your Outlook screen. Select OK. Note: This step gives you the option of entering a password for the Local Folder. This is not recommended since there is almost no way to retrieve the password if you forget it.

    Your Local Folder should now appear in the side of your Outlook window.

    Backing up your Email

    1. Select File >>> Open >>> Import.
    2. From the Import and Export Wizard window select Export to a File and hit Next.
    3. From the Export to a File window select Personal File Folder (.pst) and hit Next.
    4. From the Export Personal Files window select your email account from the listed items. Make sure Include Subfolders is checked. This will transfer all of your Email folders and not only your inbox. Once this is done hit Next.
    5. From the Export Personal FIles window choose a location to save your Local Folder (whatever location works for you). Also, check Replace Duplicates with Items Exported to make sure that you have the most up-to-date emails.

    Mac Mail

    Next you will create local folders on your computer within Mac Mail. To do this go to the bottom right corner of the column labeled "Mailboxes" on the left side of the main Mail window. There will be a plus sign there.

    1. Click on the plus sign. You will be given three options, New Mailbox..., New Smart Mailbox... and Add RSS Feeds...
    2. Select "New Mailbox" from the list. Under the Location drop down menu, select "On My Mac." Then give the folder a title that will help you remember what you have put in the folder.
    3. You can create multiple folders if you choose to, by repeating one through three above.

    Optional - If you would like to create sub-folders when you reach the Location drop down menu described in step three, simply select one of the folders located below the "On My Mac" option and you will be able to create a sub-folder within that folder. Just remember that a main folder with subfolders in it can not also hold emails. Once you have created a folder with subfolders the main folder can no longer contain emails. The subfolders that you place within the parent folder then contain the emails.

    When you have created the necessary folder(s) in the "On My Mac" section of your Mac Mail program. Open your email account that contains the messages you would like to move. Select all the messages and drag and drop them into the folders you created under the "On My Mac" section . This will remove them from the server and save them permanently on your computer for you to look at when you need to.


    1. Right click on “Local Folders” on the left in the Thunderbird folders pane. Then choose “New Folder”.
    2. Give it a name — I called mine “Archive”. It should be a subfolder of “Local Folders” already, but if it isn’t, be sure to select that option.
    3. Press Create Folder

    You will now see a folder called “Archive” (or whatever you named it) under “Local Folders” in the left sidebar.

    Now it’s time to move your emails to the local archive folder.

    1. Under your IMAP email account in the sidebar, find the folder you wish to archive emails from.
    2. Select all the messages you wish to archive and drag them to your folder under “Local Folders”. For example, I usually drag over all messages over 1 year old from each of my IMAP mail folders.